Bingo Sky 50k bingo tournament#META#

The ancient Gods of Bingo have heard your pleas and have decreed that this Saturday March 26, an evening of high stakes bingo tournament action shall commence. The hard hitting night of excitement will take place at Bingo Sky as well as the other members of the Cyber Bingo Group of casinos.

The evening begins on March 26 at 8:00PM ET with three warm-up $1000 Guaranteed Bingo games with each card costing just $2. The three games will be played at 8PM, 9PM and 10PM ET promptly.

The real fun starts at 11PM ET when the $50,000 Coverall minimum $10,000 game commences. Cards are going for $5 each and with a prize pool this big, it’s a sin not to participate.

March 26, Saturday at 11PM ET – $50,000 Coverall – Register Today!

About the CyberBingo Group
Bingo Sky, Bingo Fest and Cyber Bingo are all owned and operated by the CyberBingo Corporation. They run on their own proprietary software, and operate on the same internal network. The sites have been online for well over a decade, and have gathered a very loyal group of players. Join today to claim a massive 500% first deposit bonus, and play the main bingo event of the season – the massive $50,000 Bingo Tournament at Bingo Sky!

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