Gold Spree at Doyles Room#META#

Every week this month, a special Gold Spree $25,000 Kamikaze poker tournament will be running. These insane events force all players to go all-in, NLH Shootout style. To gain access to these free events, players need to reach their weekly Frequent Player Point (FPP) goals.

Each player’s FPP target is different –find it by logging in to Doyles Room Poker and looking under ‘My Account’. Each week, all players who reach their FPP target will gain entry to that Friday’s Kamikaze tournament.

• Week1: $5,000 Kamikaze. Thursday, August 12th
• Week2: $5,000 Kamikaze. Thursday, August 19th
• Week3: $5,000 Kamikaze. Thursday, August 26th
• Week4: $5,000 Kamikaze. Thursday, September 2nd

About Doyles Room
Doyles Room is a professional online poker site endorsed by the poker master Doyle Brunson. Non-stop cash games are offered for quick action, while endless freeroll, sit’n’go and guaranteed tournaments give players lots of changes to win big in tight, high-competition events. Join today to claim a 110% welcome bonus up to $550, then check your weekly FPP target and start earning points to gain access to these intense Kamikaze events.

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One Response to August Gold Spree at Doyles Room Poker

  1. BlackjackBritt says:

    never heard of a Kamikaze tournament before. sounds intense! but hey, if it’s free, then i’m up for it :)

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