Every Tuesday and Thursday night at Doyles Room, poker players are invited to drop $30+3 for a chance to battle it out in some serious bounty table action. Every player in this hard-hitting event will have $5 on their head, so it’s a fight to the finish with the top dogs pocketing some serious cash.

Weekly and monthly leaderboard prizes add to the excitement, offering up extra prizes. Every week the top Prime Time Fights player will earn a $250 cash prize, while the top player each month will even win a chance to take on Dolyle Brunson himself for a fat $750 prize!

About Doyles Room
Check out the Doyles Room Poker website for full details. While there, have a look at their non-stop tournament schedule, or pop over to the promotions page to marvel at their 110%, $550 new player bonus. Sign up now to claim your spot as the master headhunter in these Prime Time Fights – it’s every man for himself!

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